What is Evasion - The Escape Game ?

It is a life-sized evasion game. It is inspired by the video game "escape the room". The players are traditionally locked up in a room and must find the way out. A good observation of the room, some objects combinations and the solution of riddles will help you find the way out.

What is the ideal group size for this game ?

We accept teams of 2 to 6 players. The recommended group size is 3 or 4 people.

Will I really be locked up ?

Our actual story is not based on a locked front door. You play in a closed universe, but not locked. In case of an emergency, the door can be opened at any time by you or us.


Is there an age limit to play ?

Children unter the age of 12 are not allowed in the game. Also this game is not recommended for people under 16. Some of the puzzles can be too difficult for children. In any case, individuals under 16 must be accompanied by an adult to participate.

What is the language of the game ?

This game can be run in 3 languages. It means that the game monitoring can be executed in 3 languages by our collaborators. During the game, words of different languages can be used. However, these words are found by combination and not by translation into the foreign language.

If I get stuck by a riddle, can I ask for help ?

Asking for help is allowed at any time. The game is monitored by camera, what enables you to ask for clues during the entire game. Nevertheless, the purpose of the game is to get out as soon as possible with a minimum of clues.

Is the use of smartphones allowed ?

No. You participate in the game without electronic devices. Those remain under the surveillance of our collaborators.


How does the session take place ?

Please be on time, ideally 5 minutes before your reserved time. We count 10 minutes for some explanations. The game itselfs lasts for 60 minutes. A feedback is given at the end of the game. In total, you will spend about 80 minutes at our place.


What happens if your arrival is delayed?

Please contact us if you are late. We can not guarante the whole 60 minutes of the play if you are late. The schedule is fix, so last minute changes can not be accepted.

Can I cancel my reservation?

Cancelations are only allowed until 48h before the fixed date. If the cancelation was not made within the 48h, we will send you a bill.

What happens if there is a change in the number of participants?

If there are more people than booked, the price will raise. If you are less people than booked, you still have to pay the entire amount of the reservation.

Can I come by and play at any time?

No. You need to book your participation time and date at least 48h ahead.



Which are the payment possibilities?

We accept cash and credit card payments on the spot (except PostFinance card).

Are there giftcards available?

Yes. Giftcards can be purchased by sending an email or on the spot. You can choose the amount.

Are there restrooms available?

Yes, there are restrooms and it is recommended to use them before the game ;-)

Evasion Fribourg

EVASION Fribourg