In Fribourg, men and dragons of the Gottéron valley live in harmony since their meeting. The Guardian of the Dragons is a great craftswoman of this peace, she who watches over the tranquility of these beings from her refuge, fled into the depths of the valley.


To symbolize this friendship between men and dragons, the dragons had offered the Guardian the "stone of balance", a statue of the Chief of the Dragon Clan. This statue found a place in the shelter where she could display her harmonious magic.


But a long time ago, the wild boars, jealous of this friendship, managed to steal the statue and disappeared by carrying it into the woods. It is said that since this day, the Guardian of Dragons travels desperately the country in search of the stone. The dragons, meanwhile, have fun scaring the inhabitants of the city, reproaching them for the loss of their magic statue.


Fribourg, today


This morning, returning from a walk in the valley, a child of the Auge brings you a strange object. Large gathering and discussion on the Place du Petit St-Jean. The elders have spoken, there is no doubt: this is the statue, the "stone of balance". Without thinking twice, a team of brave volunteers is formed to bring the stone back to its pedestal and restore harmony with the dragons.


Here you are at the entrance of the forest, looking for the refuge of the Guardian. A little warning however: it is said that the Guardian had redoubled one's efforts, tricks and riddles to protect the statue...

Cleverness and creativity are your teammates

Time is your enemy. You have only 60 minutes to place the stone back on its pedestal.
Triumph over the room and bring back peace and harmony between men and dragons!
Evasion Fribourg

EVASION Fribourg