terms and conditions

1. Contract object

1.1 The General Terms and Conditions (GTC) govern the legal relationship between the customer and Evasion regarding services offered.

2. Contract becomes operational

2.1 The contract between Evasion and his customers becomes operational with acceptance of the GTC while booking. From this point, the rights and obligations included in the GTC apply to both parties.

2.2 The person responsible for the booking bears the contract obligations for all the participants.


3. Modification or cancellation of booking

3.1 A cancellation of booking after the contract becomes operational (see 2.1) remains possible at latest 48h before the booked appointment. After this deadline, the cancellations are charged with the price corresponding to the booking.

3.2 It is possible that Evasion should cancel a booking. The customer will be informed immediately. In this case, a voucher can be offered for a future booking.

3.3 If the service can not be proceed because of a force majeure, there is no right for a voucher. Force majeure are the incidents that we could not avoid and foresee, eg earthquake, fire or water damage, lasting power failure, etc.


4. Services

4.1 The details of the services provided by Evasion can be taken from the descriptions of his website. The service is starting as soon as the customer is received by Evasion. The person who booked a session for his group is responsible for getting all participants in time.

4.2 If the group is late, it is possible that the booked services could not be provided. The customer therefore loses his right on the service or its replacement. We will however try to find on place a friendly solution that is acceptable for both parties.

4.3 In case of the group does not come to the booked appointement, it will be charged with the price corresponding to the booking.


5. Terms of payment

5.1 The service is paid on spot, cash or with card (debit or credit). If an invoice has to be issued according to articles 3.1 or 4.3, the terms defined on the invoice applies.


6. Conditions of participation

6.1 The minimum age for participating the game is 12. However, the game is not recommended for people under 16 years old.

6.2 People under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

6.3 Evasion has the right to exclude a player or the whole group if one or more players are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

6.4 Evasion has the right to exclude a player or the whole group if one or more players act unreasonable.


7. Terms of use

7.1 The customers must follow the instructions given by Evasion.

7.2 It is not allowed to eat, to drink, to smoke or to do similar activities in the room of the game.

7.3 The customers agree to keep secret and not to spread information about riddles, mazes, furniture or other elements of the game that are important for the element of surprise.


8. Liabilities

8.1 The customers are responsible for any damages to furniture or equipment that have been caused by them deliberately or through negligence.

8.2 Insurance is the responsibility of the customers.

8.3 Evasion is not responsible for direct or indirect damages to players such as injury of any kind or losses. Evasion is also not responsible for any obligations of player to third parties.

8.4 Evasion is responsible if the service is not provided due to negligence of employees.


9. Changes in terms and conditions

9.1 The terms and conditions can be changed by Evasion at any time without notice. This document contains the last version.


10. Place of jurisdiction

10.1 The place of jurisdiction for any disputes is Fribourg. Only Swiss law is applicable.

November 2016, Evasion

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